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Frequently Asked Questions 10th August 2022
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Question: Will counselling resolve my problems quickly?

Therapeutic counselling is a process involving the client and therapist working together to explore issues and feelings in a professional relationship without the unhelpful interruptions of criticism or advice. This process may involve dealing with very painful memories from the past which were long forgotten. This is a very important part of the process, and respecting the clients need to work through their issues at their own safe pace is usually found to be of long lasting benefit to clients. Therefore counselling does not offer a "quick fix", however, elements of short-term counselling models such as CBT or solution focussed therapy can be very helpful and will be integrated within the counselling process where appropriate.

Question: Will I be told what to do or what to talk about?

No. What you tell the counsellor is up to you. You will not be made to say or do anything. The counselling session is your time and you will decide what to talk about each week. In the case of child counselling, children will be invited to participate in art and play activities where appropriate and their right to refuse is respected.

Question: Will everything I say be treated as confidential?

I will keep all information you disclose during sessions confidential with the following exceptions:

  • I discuss my work on a regular basis with a supervisor in order to ensure that I am giving the best possible quality of service to my clients. Your identity would not be disclosed.

  • If I thought there was a risk of harm to yourself, or others I would notify either your doctor, and/or next of kin and/or relevant authority. If child protection concerns arose I would notify the relevant authorities.

  • In the unlikely event of being subpoenaed I would have to give evidence in court.

    Question: I think my child needs counselling but he would never sit and talk to someone about his problems so how do you counsel children?

    When counselling children it is important to understand that childrens' natural language is play, therefore communication between the counsellor and child is often through symbolic play, art, puppets, storytelling, sandtray work. Child counselling is often referred to as Play Therapy. Whilst it may appear at times that your child has simply been 'playing', the counsellor uses many skills whilst working with children which allows them to safely explore and express their feelings through metaphor.

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