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At times we can find ourselves less able to manage daily life situations, relationships, and challenges, and this can develop into feelings such as stress, anxiety, confusion, low mood, depression, apathy and even anger which can lead to further problems. Sometimes a forthcoming or past event, a change in circumstances or certain life stages can exacerbate feelings of ill ease, and we can find it more difficult to manage daily life, especially if we do not understand why we are so affected, and our reactions can be confusing.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk things through, in confidence, and explore your issues and feelings and express yourself safely with a skilled and caring person who is specially trained to help you reach a better understanding of your problems and give you the confidence to decide the best way forward for yourself, without the interruption of advice or criticism.

The counsellor's relationship with you will be non-judgemental and will seek to gain an understanding of the your issues and feelings as deeply as possible thus facilitating a space where you can develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, your relationships, feelings and reactions.

This may involve dealing with very painful memories from the past. Counselling does not, therefore, promise a quick fix for problems which may have taken years to develop. Counselling is a process involving the client and therapist working together to explore issues and feelings and, where relevant, how these may relate to past events and relationships.

An initial appointment can be made to discuss your presenting problems and, if you feel comfortable with your counsellor and wish to continue working together, further weekly appointments for counselling sessions can be arranged to meet and work together confidentially. The number of sessions you wish to have with your counsellor is your decision, but it is usually advisable to start with six sessions and review to see if further sessions would be helpful.

Counselling children requires the use of special counselling skills and techniques adapted to allow children to communicate in an safe and age appropriate way. This may be through art, drawing, puppets, drama, story telling, sandtray work and the use of play materials. Therapy with younger children is often referred to as Play Therapy because it uses play, the language of children, as a means of communication. See "Child Counselling" page for more information.

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